What is Brand Photography?

So the phrase ‘Brand Photography‘ get’s wafted around a lot doesn’t it, but what does it really mean?

Let me pop it down into one simple sentence…

Brand Photography creates images that help a business, a brand or a person to promote themselves & sell more products or services.

How does that sound, does that help?

Why Bother?

My aim as a brand photographer is to create an authentic library of their own images that are unique to that business, brand or person.  I want to show the human side to any brand, make the brand relatable & give their target audience a real visual ‘feel’ for how their lives could look if they engage with them. Brand images should show the story or heritage behind the brand, ideally those images should compliment the brand ethos or values too.  All of this gives depth to the brands visual content & increase their opportunity to start a journey with potential new customers or strengthen existing relationships.

Not only does it provide a return on investment (greater visual content will ultimately increase sales) it also saves  time, money & effort too.  How?  Because there’s no need to scour the internet to hopefully find suitable generic ‘stock’ images to use.

In this modern online world, consumers are making decisions about what they see in seconds, milliseconds even.  They’ll scroll past & (consciously or sub-consciously) disregard what they’ve seen unless they can instantly see a reason not to.  Strong, professional on-brand photography can help make up the minds of potential consumers & reduce the risk of scroll by.   Poorly taken phone images, bad stock photography & endless selfies isn’t going to improve your ability to capture someone’s attention.

For a brand or person to build relationships with their target audience, then developing their own stock library of 100% relevant & engaging images is the most effective & efficient use of their finances & time when it comes to visual content.  Gone are the days when you could rely on just one headshot & a handful of stock images for your marketing.  Businesses that invest in their own imagery are able to create a style/look for their photography too – a look that can become readily identifiable as theirs too.  That’s a valuable tool in their branding armoury too,

What Else?

When businesses, brands and people invest int their own Brand Photography they’ll also have these advantages:

  • They’ll feel more professional
  • They’ll feel more confident
  • It will look more consistent
  • They’ll be more visible

So now you know a little more about what Brand Photography is all about, let me ask you this.

What’s not to like about it?

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x