Stress Free Guide to What to Wear on your Brand Shoot

Hello again!

By now you should have seen the first part of this little series which highlights some brilliant tips for Props to take to your Branding photography session – whether that’s with me or not.  If you didn’t read it you can catch this 5 minute read here.

In this blog I’m going to look at a little deeper at a area that frequently comes up as an area of concern or confusion at first with clients – what to wear.

I think the very first point to make, whatever your session is about, is that the clothing choices you make should reflect YOU or your team on a typical working day.  It’s a great idea to grab together all your options the day before, make sure they fit and are clean/ironed beforehand.  Lay them out, add accessories, switch pieces in and out to create extra outfits on the day.

Let’s go a little more specifically now though.

So that’s 3 really simple really effective tips for you for your next shoot.  If you aren’t sure then always discuss this with your chosen photographer, find out if the session they are giving you provides sufficient time for a change of outfit or two and don’t forget to find out if there’s somewhere for you to actually get changed!

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business with great on brand photos then get in touch today.

Rachel x