In the run up to the Style, Skills & Silver Insta-style workshop that I’m taking part in, hosted by Hiho Silver,  I sat down the other day and looked long and hard at myself to work out why I was being asked to present as part of the Skills team.  It’s one thing when I’m at home doing my ‘thing’ – in this my case flatlay photography which forms part of my overall photography marketing & content program – and I’m there fiddling about letting my head and eyes just faff along through the process for each image, but quite another to then be asked to explain what you do and WHY you do it to a bunch of other people….. Err, well, because…

That then moved onto why in the heck did I say yes to presenting too.  I’m naturally introverted (I think my official personality classification in those things is listed as ISFJ for those aware of this system) and although I’m not shy at all and quite talkative I’m not big on social gatherings.  They tend to drain me and as I’m not massively confident in some aspects of my life then the whole idea of standing in front of people I don’t know scares the absolute beejezuz out of me!!

I instantly said yes to Emma from Hiho, she’s been pretty brilliant in the last 12 months towards me and we’ve worked together on lots of their photographic needs for the Hiho brand, so the idea of helping her in some way was perfect.  However about 10 minutes later I sat down hard and realised what I’d done and went into ‘backwards’ mode.  The whole Fake/Imposter conversations started whirring around my head.   I’ve presented before in an old life (hated it) and the only time I believe I’ve subsequently done something remotely like presenting was through the Small & Supercharged Facebook group run by fellow SSS presenter Rhea Freeman.  Rhea had me create a Flatlay masterclass for everyone in the group.  I coped with that because it was just me in the house, shooting my aspect and then someone else put the video together to create the final presentation.  It was a bit like an out of body experience really, so it didn’t really bother me.

This though, actual live talking, pushes me back into the uncomfortable process of looking at people who seriously want to learn something and feel they’ve gained value from their ticket price!


Gin anyone?!

However, part of my nature and my ISFJ personality is to try and help others where I can, even if it’s minutely.  I’ve said it so many times before that in life I’d far rather be the person that discovered the next big photography protégé than stamp all over their feelings and achievements in order to better my own.  That belief of mine runs over into any aspect of life, not just my interest in photography.  I’m not a saint in life by any stretch of the imagination, I’m also not a believer in all things ’emotionally woo’ (as I refer to it, you know the bit where everything in the garden should always be rosey, wonderful and full of happy skipping puppies), but I do feel we owe it to each other to be better at helping each other, particularly in business and even if you share the same line of business.

A quote I put on my Instagram feed recently summed it up well for me.  That and the mantra that all experts started out as beginners….

Now you could all be reading this and thinking, ‘well hang on a minute, she’s only been at this game herself for a short period, what can she truly offer or tell us’.   Great point and yes there may be millions of others out there who have run their own business, big or small, for much much longer than I have and therefore have far more to give you potentially.  There will be those at the SSS Workshop who seriously fit that that category. But I suppose as someone who is still very much in a fledgling company situation I actually feel that I’m authentically at a place where many of the delegates will be themselves with their own careers too.  We may be on different paths and have got to this point in different ways, but if I can pass on just one snippet that may benefit someone else in their own path in life, personally or professionally, then I will always want to.

Giving others more tools than I had when I started out, or was at a certain point on my own path, has to be good – doesn’t it.


So with all of this in mind and knowing the amazing ladies who will be up on that ‘platform’ with me on September 6th, most of who are also very much like me in the nerves and wobbly knee (not knobbly) stakes, then it gives me enough of a kick up the backside to get out there and say my bit.

My apologies in advance for whoever will get my direct eye contact as I speak to the room.  It may look like I’m staring straight into your soul but I promise you, you are just my spotting point in the crowd to keep me on track and keep breathing!

There’s a handful of tickets still available. For just £60 we’ll entertain you, feed you with the most amazing food from The Fish Hotel and send you away with tips AND simply the best Goody Bag I think I’ve ever seen.   The ticket price alone is worth that!

Be quick and head to this link for more info…  Style, Skills & Silver with Hiho

I genuinely look forward to everyone who is coming and chatting with you throughout the day.


Have a fabulous day!

Rachel x