Spring has sprung and if your horse is anything like mine right now, the spring grass is giving them spooky feet and silly moments!  Nice, thanks guys! That aside it’s a fabulous time of year for a Spring shoot. I’d venture to say it’s my 2nd favourite season actually.  It’s always a firm favourite for many when it comes to choosing this season to have your equine or canine photo shoot with me.  

But in case you aren’t so sure, let me give you just a handful of reasons.


There’s the most amazing assortment of wild flowers in the season. It starts with happy nodding daffodils at the beginning  through to delightful swaying bluebells towards May. Bluebells that we saviour so much, well I blooming well do anyway!  (Pun very much intended…)  There’s such a vast array of colours in the hedgerows. Plants bursting into life after another winter of hiding away.   If you are struggling to see beauty in your paddocks and yard then head outside of it. I always look at the lanes and roads around them for colour and life.  Watch out for colourful fields as backdrops. I love the bright yellow of a rape field or the blue of a linseed crop.

The hairy horse phase has an end to it… no more clipping if you don’t like this look in your photos and the time for brushing away the last of the winter hair to reveal soft shiny coats ready for a summer of warmth.   It’s amazing how different your horse can feel for having his rugs off and letting the sunlight get to their backs.  I’m sure they smile as much as we do as the weight of the rugs gets less and less each week!  Pretty sure all the dogs in your life are pleased about the lessening mud they have to navigate on their walks too!

The nights are pulling out, which means more time to do all the things you want to this year.  No more rushing around trying to fit so much into daylight hours before the drudge of a wild and woolly night ahead.

Spring is a fresh and clean season, full of colour, promise and gorgeous natural backdrops for me to work with. This new season naturally lifts me into do so many other things I’ve been putting on hold.

And in conclusion, why not reward yourself after a winter of mud, mucking out and numb fingers with a fab shoot…


♥︎ ♘ ♥︎


Have a fabulous week ahead…

Rachel x


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