We are fully immersed in the digital age and it’s flipping brilliant isn’t it!  Stuff, like photos, are at your fingertips 24/7 and we really don’t have to think too much about where things are stored either.  The paperless office of the 1990’s has taken over aspects of our personal life so that the savvy ones amongst us all have all kinds of digital files stored up in ‘The Cloud’ (I confess, I still don’t really use this terribly well).  

It’s second nature and really quick to scroll across your phone or tablet and find the photos you were looking for.  Not much more time if it’s on a desktop.  All photos safe somewhere in the air….

But does that make it the best way to keep things?

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When I sat down to think about this and started scribbling I actually felt a bit sad. I’d been looking through old family photos from my partners family and discovering new names and faces.  It was all very intriguing and far more interesting that just sitting down and chatting about ‘old so and so’.  Having photos printed really gives an tangible feeling to learning about these people or the story behind the picture.  I believe they become alive in your head way more, which makes them more memorable.

As a photographer I’ve been terrible at printing my own personal photos at times.  Whilst I don’t have children, so the chance to naturally document something like their growth and development as go through life just isn’t a part of my daily life, I do have a partner and we have horses and dogs and a pretty full on life at times. So there really is plenty of reason to have those tangible feelings directly under my nose every day.  And yet I don’t do it often enough and my guess is neither do you…

So why bother printing?

Technology Fails!

That’s a scary concept but the reality is that it happens.  Hard drives fail, we change phones and forget to back up and move across to new locations – or simply don’t know we are supposed to do that.  CD’s/DVD’s/USB’s all become dated and the equipment used to display them is constantly becoming obsolete.  How many of us already have a PC that doesn’t take a CD, so just how many photos have you got stored that you now can’t really access as easily as you wanted? Social Media channels come and go, so don’t get complacent that the Facebooks and Instagrams of today will still be here in 5 years.  Now I’m not saying you need to print every single photo you ever took. That would be madness (and pretty expensive) but for heavens sake do keep the important ones done so when the tech world fails, you’ve got something you can literally hold on to.


Nostalgia as Decoration

One of the best forms of room decoration comes straight from those photographs.  I just love being in a house that’s got someones key moments and memories on display.  I’ve lost track of the times I’ve stood in someone’s hallway waiting, only to get happily lost looking at their framed prints and family moments.  When I was growing up we had a ‘Rogues Gallery’ and each year it grew.   The informal photos are often the best, there was one of me as a child sitting in a our dog’s wicker bed in the garden with her by my side, another of my brother tap dancing as a young boy.  Nothing special in some ways but perfect in others as it was a real life moment. Don’t forget those nostalgic times!


The Special Moments Fade

Stop this from happening by having those seriously key moments on display all the time.  Whether that’s in an album you can easily flick through or a larger piece of artwork like a canvas in a prominent place or personal little spot.  By seeing these on a daily basis you constantly keep those amazing memories warm and alive.  So much better than marching upstairs and looking on your PC, because chances are you just won’t bother!

In all honesty I get RIDICULOUSLY excited when my customers want certain images from our sessions framed or blown up because I know it means those memories will be proudly displayed and not tucked away.  This is why we have these photography sessions, it’s why you come to me in the first place.  To create lasting memories you can keep looking back over in years to come.  It’s why most of my collections are print or printed product based too.

That said,  I actually don’t mind if I don’t even supply the prints in the first place and they go on to print from digital when they are ready!  It’s just really important to me as a photographer that they are printed at some stage and don’t lay festering on a hard drive somewhere.  Lost in space.

Maybe I’m just a bit sentimental and want people to relive their favourite special or random moments more often…  but I’ll take that!

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

Until next time, have a fabulous day!

Rachel xx



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