Brand & Content Photography

Operating in a Visually Driven World

You’ve built a spectacular website.  It’s been proof read and the product or service you’ve got is the best you know it can be.

But your photo’s are flat and uninspiring, bought from a stock image site to plug a gap rather than it being a page full of words.  Your social media sites lack any kind of real message, there’s no brand story going on and no-ones ‘stopping by’ and connecting with you.

In this highly digitally led world Brands and businesses need to clearly and concisely show their customers what they offer with clear and engaging photography.  It’s vital to be a ‘scroll-stopper’ on social media.  Captivating, engaging and high quality photography is a massive asset to your brand for all your promotional activity.  What you communicate via the power of social media, or your website,  your photos can really deepen the relationships and trust you build with people.

You will also strengthen your brand values too.

Poor photography sends a message out and sadly your prime target audience can reject you in the blink of an eye. Stock images purchased at low cost from anywhere rarely reflect 100% on your specific business.  Neither can they show the human side of what you and your team personally deliver.

When you take the time to curate your own brand story through your own photography you deepen the relationships you can build with prospective customers and clients.

Can you afford not to explore your options further with a simple conversation with me?  The details of my packages are below and I’m happy to chat through any of these with you, either face to face over a coffee or over the phone/messaging.

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What I can do for your business

Working closely with you I will create fabulous images for your business. By getting your business to stand out by using photography that will tempt, intrigue and engage your customers.  They’ll notice you, they’ll form a relationship with you and ultimately buy from you.

I can produce photos for you to use in all aspects of your business – for your web pages and the social media platforms with which you want to interact – with many months’ worth of material to draw from.  All with the aim of consistency in how your brand and business is presented.

Whether you need images for a specific campaign or generic relevant pictures you can add to your image library, then I can step in and relieve a lot of the stress from the situation.  The choice you make may depend on how frequently you feel your customers will welcome fresh new images for them to engage with or be reminded of why they need you in their life.

With all packages the images can be sent through WeTransfer, which offers you a swift and safe delivery service for your images. No more waiting for couriers or substandard USBs that may date or deteriorate in time.

I offer 3 simple packages…

Quarterly Subscription


4 sessions over 12 month period
90mins on site
30 images per quarter

Package Cost £750.00 + Mileage
(Payment plan available)

Full Session


2-3 hours on site
50 images included
(additional images available)

Package Cost £375.00 + Mileage

Focused Hour


1 Hour (Shoot & Edit)
10 High Resolution Images
Shot at my premises

Package Cost £55.00

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The Quarterly Subscription

The Quarterly Subscription has the huge benefit of all images being supplied in both High Resolution AND pre-sized for Social Media platforms if required.  This extra service means you don’t have to crop and find the best ratio each platform loves best.

The Focused Hour Session

Each month I set aside 2 days for these sessions.  Each client has a one hour slot, that’s shoot time and post production and comes with 10 high resolution images.  These are great for a new product arriving or for when only a handful of images are needed.  Each session is done solely at my premises.

Mileage for all sessions is charged at 40p a mile, the first 15 in total are free.

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Reviews from Brands and Businesses

My one aim is to get others to succeed.  So it always gives me huge pleasure to hear back how my services gave them some additional tools to do just that. 

Below are just a few of the lovely comments reviews I’ve had.

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