The right size dimensions for photos within each of your Social Media platforms can be hugely confusing.  Your gorgeous photo that perfectly explains what you do or sell looks great in your album but online it can often be placed in an odd or awkward way.  Suddenly the point of the photo is a bit, well lost.

I’ve already covered the best sizes for your Instagram account, if you missed it though you’ll find it here

In this blog I’ll concentrate on Facebook.

Getting your content, both visual and text based, on Facebook is really important as there’s over 1.1 billion active monthly users of this platform.  I’m not here to tell you what the best kind of content is, simply to give you the optimum sizes for any kind of photo you may want to upload.  As with Instagram I’m not suggesting that you can’t upload a picture at any old dimension, because you certainly can.  Just remember that images that aren’t big enough look awful and there’s not much point throwing in a huge image (dimension wise) for the sake of it.

OK, so starting with your Profile Picture.  On personal pages this still slots into a place over the cover picture.  This may change with the ‘New Facebook’ look but for Facebook Pages it’s no longer an issue as it’s been moved to the sidebar.    The best upload dimensions are 180 x 180 pixels, but note that this will be seen  smaller in all mobile devices, so please ensure the clarity of the original image you upload is good enough.  No-one wants to see a pixelated poor quality profile picture – at least you shouldn’t be aiming for that on a business page!  This 180 x 180 dimension is the same for Pages, which is great for consistency.

Your cover picture on a Facebook Page has an optimum dimensional size of 820 x 312 pixels.  If you go larger than this you may need to nudge the image about as you set it in order for the picture to sit as best as you can.  So the best way forward is to always size your image in the first place.  If you go smaller than the 820 x 312 then you could get some distortion.  File size needs to be addressed, so I’d not recommend using an image smaller than 100kb.

There are plenty of Aps around that give you the chance to create a template for your social media covers.  I use Canva but there are lots of others to work with.

The next part of the Facebook image area is the various options for posts.  Did you know that when you share a photo there’s a different size between a regular photo and one that has a link attached to it?  OK, so to be honest you’d barely notice the difference and I’m not even sure why there is such a tiny difference but if you’ve got an OCD in this area and only ever want to load the best options then you’ll want to know the difference.

So a shared image is a huge tool within Facebook as it’s another really visual platform.  This kind of post is what will show up for your followers in their feeds so getting the right size to make an impact on your potential new client should matter to you.  A standard shared photo should ideally be 1200 x 630 pixels.  It will be viewed in the News Feed at a maximum width of 470px and on your page at 504px.

However a shared photo that has a link attached will use the dimensions of 1200 x 628 pixels.

The last image size for Facebook I’d like to mention is for those who run events.  These pages need a much larger image, one ideally with dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, giving a ratio of 16:9.   Facebook actually use the photograph you upload here in 3 different places during the process of creating and promoting an event.  You’ve got the main Event Page itself, then there’s the News Feed and lastly there’s a feature called Upcoming Events that will use a Thumbnail version of your Event Photo.  Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it, but actually Facebook will re-size it all for you without you even knowing.  So really for the best visual look, get the original event photo at this 1920 x 1080px and the rest comes without you lifting a finger.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, whilst these are all optimal dimensions for each situation, the world won’t crash down around you if you don’t use them.  However when you do use these dimensions/ratios then you are giving your content the a seriously strong chance.

Naturally though it’s still down to you to create the best possible content to use as these photos though….

If you want help with sizing the photos you do have then drop me a message.  Oh and guess what… Each business package I offer has the option to supply you with Social Media sized/ratio images as part of the service.  Whether you need images for your website, for an Instagram post or your Facebook page, then I’ve got you covered if you want it.

No more re-sizing issues.  Now doesn’t that sound appealing…

Rachel x

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